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Pandemic dining: Thanksgiving options in Pasadena – PCC Courier

Due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, many Americans may choose to opt-out of large family gatherings for Thanksgiving this year. If you find yourself seeking to dine out instead, here is a look at some of Pasadena’s restaurants that are open for the holiday and how they will keep you safe. The Raymond 1886 is a fine dining restaurant located on fair oaks that “offers an innovative and contemporary menu in a historic setting.” Assistant general manager Andrew Cowan said the restaurant us

Aftermath: Threats and false claims of a stolen election – PCC Courier

Election Day 2020 took place across America Tuesday, Nov. 3, and there had been much anxiety and turmoil surrounding what the results would be because of President Trump’s widespread and no-basis allegations of voter fraud. Businesses boarded up in anticipation of rioting but what ensued were lies and stubbornness from Trump and his supporters. On the night of the election, though several swing states were too close to call, Trump claimed victory in a 2:30 a.m. speech. He was apparently wrong.

Don’t deck the halls with boughs of COVID – PCC Courier

Large indoor family gatherings are typical for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s been months of many Americans being warned not to gather in large groups, specifically indoors. Americans will continue to ignore guidelines and cause future surges in coronavirus cases. Americans chose to ignore the warnings during Memorial Day weekend while the number of cases were surging. For example a large pool party at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri engaging in no social distancing nor wearing masks that led

Dia de Los Muertos: Even the dead are going virtual – PCC Courier

Día de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), an annual Mesoamerican holiday that celebrates the dead instead of mourning them, is being added to the list of events and holidays that are going virtual this year because of COVID-19. Although, there will be limited in-person events around LA County to help celebrate the holiday. The holiday takes place every year Nov. 1 and 2 and is normally celebrated with parades, communal feasts and festivals. The tradition originated in Aztec culture and is celeb

Can Children experience emotional and psychological effects by missing school? – PCC Courier

It has been more than six months since the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the entire world in a shutdown and reopening frenzy, specifically schools. CNN posted where states in America chose to reopen their schools. Having schools closed is keeping children of all ages away from in-person social interactions with their friends. However, with the uncertainty of COVID-19, it’s probably safer to teach children from home. According to Psychology Today, developing great social-emotional skills earlier in

How to Exercise inside your home – PCC Courier

The COVID-19 pandemic had an immense impact on many businesses starting March 2020. Everything from movie theaters, malls, nail and hair salons, restaurants and gyms are forced to close. Even though more restrictions are beginning to get lifted, the one thing that seems to have trouble staying open is gyms. For about a month back in June, gyms were allowed to reopen. According to Health Day, gyms have many areas where germs, viruses and fungus can linger year-round. Even if they were allowed to

Fires and COVID are suffocating local businesses – PCC Courier

It was just another day during the 2nd worst pandemic in U.S. history on September 6th, 2020. People were still required to wear masks and social distance. Movie theaters and gyms in Los Angeles County were still closed. Restaurants still had to adhere to outdoor only dining. That same day, record heat temperatures were reached. In Woodland Hills, California the temperature reached as high as 121 degrees. About 40 miles east of Woodland Hills, an unknown cause sparked a small fire near the Cogs

Of course Trump said terrible things about vets again – PCC Courier

Over this past Labor Day weekend, Boston based magazine The Atlantic published an article claiming President Donald Trump called soldiers that died in World War I “losers” and “suckers.” The president disputes ever saying these comments. However, his past attacks on veterans and their families prove the president is unreliable to telling the truth. “He’s a war hero because he was captured,” Trump said. “I like people that weren’t captured.” Those were comments Trump made at a 2015 Family Leade

Blotter: Burglary in the U building – PCC Courier

Someone called the Pasadena PD with an anonymous tip of a suspicious vehicle in one of the Pasadena City College parking lots parked with their doors open. A PPD officer investigated the parking lots and all of the video surveillance cameras were checked. No vehicles were found parked in any of the parking spaces by the officer or found on video. Around 9 pm, two transients were found to be bathing in the 2nd floor hallway of the IT Building. Facilities staff made the report and the transients

Student Health Fee required despite campus closure – PCC Courier

Despite not being allowed on campus to access in person health services, the estimated 30,250 students registered at Pasadena City College this fall are still required to pay the Student Health Fee. The Student Health Fee charges each student $21 in addition to what they are paying for their classes. Typically, this allows PCC students to have access to clinical care and mental health services at the Health Center on campus. Due to the COVID-19 induced shutdown, students are no longer able to s